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Rotterdam Running Crew

RRC is a Facebook running group for beginners and advanced runners. Once a month we run 3, 6 or 9 km in special places all over Rotterdam.

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Start over again.
Distance: 100.6 km / 62.5 mi
Runs: 14
My new challenge in 2015 is running. After years of not running at all, I started small distances of 3 kilometers with my girlfriend Terry in March 2015.

But soon in May I started to suffer from a old injury again “heel spurs”.
No running until August. We started more quietly and gradually we increased the running distances. On August 26 we done the first run with the Rotterdam Running Crew “The Heart of the Forrest". Kralingsebosrun” of 6,5 km in total. With this Fun run you can choose between 3, 6 or 9 km. Now we go every month.

Enjoying the runs with this runninggroup in and through the city of Rotterdam.

October 11, 2015 participated for the first time in the Harbourrun a 10 Km obstacle run with 32 obstacles through the port of Rotterdam.

I run this obstacles coures of 10 Km together with Terry and Wieke.
13 December 2015 the big finish of 2015 The Bruggenloop in Rotterdam. 15km run over 6 bridges in Rotterdam.
1:26.51 Together with Terry .
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The real work begins.
Distance: 596.0 km / 370.33 mi
Runs: 79
This Year we signed up for more runs.
March 6 the 10K CPC in The Hague
Time 55:19 Together with Terry, Renate & Danny.
April 10 the ¼ Rotterdam Marathon
Time 1,03:12  Together with Terry & Danny.
April 17 the 10K AS Lenteloop ***Sponsorrun***
Time 51.11 Together with Terry & Danny.
PR for 2016
June 19 the 10K Zuiderparkloop
Time 53,51
Together with Renate.
June 26 the 10K RUNforKIKA ***Sponsorrun***
Time 56,56 Together with Terry & Renate
July 17 the 11K Rotterdam Urban Trail
No time reg.
Together with Terry.
Aug 28 the 10.5K Royal Run Soestdijk Palace
Very warm 21 C = 69.8F
Time 1.07,58 Together with Terry, Renate and Herman.
Sept 24 the 10K Peace Run The Hague
Time 53.51 only. Herman's bib number.
Oct 2 the 10K Singelloop Utrecht.
Time 56.37 Together with Terry, Danny and Herman.
Oct 9 the 10K Harborrun Rotterdam
Time 1:56.22 Together with Terry, Wieke,
Robin, Chynna and Herman.
Oct 30 the 10K DrechtStadLoop Dordrecht
Time 54.45 Together with Terry and Herman.
Nov 11 the 5K Excelsior Stadium Fun Run
Time 27.42 Together with Terry and Herman .
Dec 11 the 15K Bruggenloop Rotterdam.
Time 1:23.59 Together with Terry and Herman.

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Run abroad.
Distance: 822.7 km / 511.20 mi
Runs: 91
First time running in a foreign countrie. March 12 the 10K CPC in The Hague
Time 54:32 Together with Terry, Nanda & Herman.
March 26 the 12K Zandvoort Circuit Run
Time 1:09:23 Together with Terry & Herman.
April 2 the 10K Run of Park16hoven Rotterdam
Time 54:02 Together with Terry.
April 9 the ¼ Rotterdam Marathon
Time 56:13 Together with Terry.
May 7 Rotterdam Urban Trail
Time 1:23:21 Together with Terry Nanda & Hermann.
May 14 the 10K ALS Lenteloop ***Sponsorrun***
Time 55:59 Together with Terry Danny & Patrick VanVelsen.
May 20 the 10K van Katendrecht Rotterdam
Time 56:39 Together with Terry Nanda & Herman (in the pouring rain).
May 24 the 5K Feyenoord Stadium Fun Run
Time 26:47 Together with Terry Nanda & Hermann.
June 25 the 10K RUNforKIKA ***Sponsorrun***
Time 54:34 Together with Terry
Sept 24 the 10K Vredersloop Den Haag
Time 52:24 Together with Terry
Oct 01 the 21,01K Halbe Marathon Köln Germany
Time 2:.01.24 Together with Terry & Olaf.
Oct 18 the 10K Harbourrun Rotterdam
Time 1:38,10 Together with Herman.
Oct 29 the 10K DrechtStadLoop Dordrecht
Time 52.03 Together with Herman.
Dec 10 the 15K Bruggenloop Rotterdam.
Canceled Due Heavy SNOW Fall.
Dec 17 the 5.2K Runnersworld NightRun 2017.
Time 33:23 Together with Terry.
Dec 20 the 6K Lights Run #RRC for Spohia Children's Hospital.Time 33:34 Fun Run / Donation Run Together with Terry & Herman and +1000 people

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Just keep going into the new year.
Distance: 950.6 Km
Runs: 100
February 3, 10K  Leo Ammerlaan loop
Time 52:59 Together with Herman. March 11, 21.1K   NN CPC Half Marathon
Time 01:56:57 Together with Herman. April 2, 10K  Tour of Park 16Hoven
Time 56:29 Together with Terry, Wieke, Robin & Hermann. April 8, 10.55K  ¼ Rotterdam Marathon
Time 56:29 Together with Terry, Nanda & Hermann. April 22, 16K  Antwerp 10 Miles
Time 1:45:50 Very Warm 27° Together with Terry.
May 27, 21.1K  Leiden Half Marathon
Time 2:14:54 Very Warm 26° Together with Terry & Hermann. Jun 13, 15K  Midsummer evening run 2018
Time 01:21:28 Together with Terry. Jun 24, 10K  Run for Kika 2018
Time 53:48 Together with Terry & Hermann. Jun 24,5K  Run for Kika 2018
Time 30:26 Together with Terry, Renate & Hermann. July 7, 42.2  Ekiden Rotterdam 2018
Time 03:48:28 Together with Terry, Edwin, Anne, Ingeborg & Herman.
Ekiden is a Japanese relay race
Team off 6 people
Anne-5K 0:29:30, Ed-10K 0:52:56,
Terry-5K 0:26:02, Edwin-10K 0:54:49,
Herman-5K 0:25:44, Ingeborg-7,195K 0:39:25
Sept 2, 16K  CZ Tilburg Ten Miles
Time 01:32:07 Very Warm 24° Together with Terry, & Hermann. Sept 23 10K  Vestingloop Willemstad 2018
Time 53:48 Very wet....Together with Terry & Hermann. Oct 7, 21.1K  Half Marathon Köln
Time 02:00:25 Together with Terry, Olaf & Lena. Nov 4, 21.1K  Drechtstedenloop Half Marathon
Time 01:58:57 Together with Terry, Anne, Ingeborg & Hermann. Nov 18, 15K  Sevenheuvelenloop
Time 01:21:56 Together with Terry, Anne, Edwin, Ingeborg & Hermann. Dec. 9, 15K  DSW Bruggenloop Rotterdam 2018
Time 01:20:02 Together with Terry, Anne, Edwin & Ingeborg.

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Marathon Rotterdam Year.
Distance: 1,105.7 Km
Runs: 105
February 3, 2019, 25K Midwinter Marathon
Time 02:29:51 Together with Anne & Ingeborg.
March 10, 2019, 21.1K NN CPC Half Marathon
Due to heavy storm and rain CANCELLED
March 31, 2019, 10 K Tour of Park 16Hoven
Time 00:51:19 Together with Terry, Herman & Renate.
Sponsor run for the "RopaRun"***** Roparunteam 247 Tref&Co *****
April 7, 2019, 42.2 K Marathon Rotterdam
Time 04: 50:57 Together with Terry, Anne & Ingeborg.
28 April 2019, 16.1K Antwerp 10 Miles
Time 01:30:20 Together with Terry, Anne & Ingeborg.
19 May 2019, 21.1K Half Marathon Leiden
Time 01: 58:12 Together with Terry
May 26, 2019, 10K Tour of Katendrecht
Time 00:49: 02 Together with Terry, Anne, Nanda & Herman.
June 26, 2019, 16.1K Midsummer evening run Bleiswijk
Time 01:29:42 Together with Herman.
7 July 2019, 6K Tour of Kralingen
Time 00:29:05 Together with Ingeborg, Andre, Nanda & Herman.
27 Aug 2019, 10K Round van West
Time 01:01:06 Together with Terry & Anne.
Sept 14, 2019, 18K Airborne Freedom Trail
Time 02:34:47 Together with Terry.
06 Oct 2019, 10K Singelloop Utrecht
Time 00:52:36 Together with Danny & Patrick.
03 Nov 2019, 21.1K Drechstedenloop Half Marathon
Time 02:10:09 Together with Herman.< br> Nov 16, 2019, 7K Sevenheuvelennacht
Time 00:40:36 Together with Terry & Herman.
17 Nov 2019, 15K NN Zevenheuvelenloop
Time 01:31:58 Together with Terry & Herman.
08 Dec 2019, 15K DSW Bruggenloop Rotterdam
Time 01:21:04 Together with Terry.

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Corona Year.
Distance: 1,281.1 Km
Runs: 143
February 2, 2020, 10K Zuiderpark Loop
Time 00:51:07 Together with Terry, Edwin & Renate.
08 March 2020, 21.1K NN CPC Half Marathon
Time 01:59:35 Together with Terry, & Herman.
Due to the worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus, everything has been canceled or postponed after March 17.
Since races have stopped we have switched to Virtual Runs to still have a goal to run.

May 2020 May Challenge 2020,
Challenge in two days minimum 15km
1x 5km & 1x 10km
3 May 5km & 5 May 10km Together with Terry.
June 2020 Globel Running Day 2020,
registered for the 10km
Together with Terry.
June 2020 10Km Challenge 2020,
registered for the 10km
Together with Terry.
September 12 to December 31, 2020, 18 K
Airborne Freedom Trail
Walked on October 2 & *20 December
Not a big joint event but on your own so do everything yourself
pick up your bib number on sportcentrum Papendal, walk to the start and start yourself navigate on gps.
Time 02:07:31 & *02:19:17
Together with Terry & *Anne

Dec 2020 Run like a Reindeer Run 2020
Run in a Reindeer shape
Together with Terry.
Dec 2020 Lava Virtual Run 2020, In support of the Roparun organization
Together with Terry.

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2nd Corona Year. Hopefully a Marathon year
Distance: 832.39mi
Runs: 125
Jan 2021 Make 2021 EPIC!
Run in a Heart Shape
Together with Terry & Renate.
Jan 2021 Winter Challenge Winter Edition 2021
10Km in support of RoparunTeam Hollander
Together with Terry.
Feb 2021 Half Marathon Challenge 2021
Renate had never run a half Marathon before after a lot of training succeeded
Together with Terry & Renate.
March 2021 Kingsday Virtual Run 2021
10Km 14.28km on King's Day
Together with Terry.
May 2021 Katendrecht Run & Collect 2021
Run on GPS Start and Finich at the SS Rotterdam.
Together with Terry & Renate.
June 2020 Globel Running Day 2021,
registered for the 10km
Together with Terry.
July 25, 2021 21.2K Rotte Dam Run Half Marathon 2021,
The first real run " competition" Rotte Dam Run Half Marathon
The first edition of the Rotte Dam Don't walk Virtual in Corona time.
The start in the Bergsebos near the Oudoor Vally de Finish in the center of Rotterdam.
Together with Terry Time 02:15:48
11 Sep 2021, 18 K Airborne Freedom Trail

18 Km Airborne Freedom Trail Arnhem 2020,
This year again a joint event but with a smaller number of people 1250 at all distances.
18km, 28km and 44km finish now on the other bank first over the John Frost bridge in Arnhem.
Together with Terry Time 02:08:59
24 Oct 2021, 42.2 K  NN Rotterdam Marathon 40th Edition
Time 04:41:00 Together with Terry.
November 2021 again a covid Lockdown all Runs are Canceld.

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3rd Corona Year. End of Lockdown in sight
Distance: 178,90 mi
Runs: 28

November 2021 another covid Lockdown all Runs are cancelled.

Only ran training laps because of this

March 12, 2022, 21.1K NN CPC Half Marathon Moved to September
September 25, 2022, 21.1K NN CPC Half Marathon

April 10 the ¼ Rotterdam Marathon
Time 58:21 Together with Terry, Wieke & Danny.
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Distance Total

Ml Run
2015 = 62,51 mi
2016 = 370,33 mi
2017 = 511,20 mi
2018 = 590,67 mi
2019 = 687,05 mi
2020 = 796,04 mi
2021 = 832,39 mi
2022 = 178,90 mi

Total = 4.029,22 mi sessions 689

Running Buddies

Terry de Jong
Renate de Ruiter
Ingeborg Dijke
Herman Schriek.
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Edwin de Man
Anne Matti
Ed van Reijswoud Sports